New Year's Resolutions

Last year, my New Year’s resolution was simply: to meditate. I didn’t set any parameters on which type, how long, or how often. I just left it open, and I didn’t start immediately on January first. I knew I wanted this to be a habit and a way of life, not just a fad that I would do for a month and toss out when I got bored or when things got difficult. I had been introduced to meditation in high school, and throughtout my life in different arenas, but I had never made it a priority. I really wanted to dig in and make it a lasting practice. I began to research the possibilities. I talked with people who I knew meditated. Got real feedback. Did some more research. I took a Transcendental Medit

REactive vs. PROactive: How Yoga + Meditation Can Help

The holidays are upon us! End of the year deadlines combined with family parties and employee gift exchanges truly test our ability to stay focused at work. Unfold is thrilled to see more executives and professionals turning to meditation to help manage the stress of work life. In fact, former lawyer, Ben Turshen, is now a dedicated meditation instructor. We love this article from well + GOOD that discusses vedic meditation, a simple technique that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. In addition to better sleep, increased focus, and even a more enjoyable experience at the gym, this article points out that a regular meditation practice teaches us to be less reactive in stressful situations. T

Meditation on 60 Minutes

Another day, another meditator in the news. We can't get enough of these stories. Did you catch 60 Minutes on Sunday? Anderson Cooper gave meditation a try. Find the episode HERE. Mindfulness is a practice of becoming aware of your surroundings, your physical sensations and your thoughts. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says in the show, mindfulness is awareness and being present. He says that meditation is a "mental workout." Don't feel ashamed if meditation is difficult for you. Like any workout, start slowly and create a habit of it in order to see lasting results. Meditation takes practice. You can start right now. Sit tall, but comfortably. Close your eyes gently, and begin to breathe deeply through

Posture and Power Posing

Have you seen the TED talk by Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School, on posture and body language? There is a good chance you have - the video has over 22 million views. If not, it’s well worth it. You can view it at the TED website here. Also, see a write up about her in the New York Times here. To quote; “Our bodies change our minds… and our minds change our behavior… and our behavior changes our outcomes.” Part of the video talks about a scientific study relating to posture. Taking a “high power” pose resulted in participants feeling more confident in stressful situations, which in turn resulted in positive outcomes. Conversely, when the parti

"The Yoga of Business"

They’re “good people.” This is what my family says when we go back to the same Italian restaurant for over a decade. Or when you know you can trust your auto mechanic when you car is not cooperating. Or how you put blind faith in the hands of your family doctor when your child is sick. Or when you trust your investment banker to do right with your hard earned money. This is good business. According to this guy, this is also yoga. He gained focus, clarity, and presence in his business through the practice of yoga. Yoga is more than just poses. It is a complete system that balances and unites all aspects of our life, including business!

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