A Note From Katie: My Anxiety Story

Before starting Unfold six years ago with my parter, Nicole, I worked in the advertising industry. I loved my job and my peers. I was excited about my work and the future of my career. On the outside, everything appeared to be great. The truth was, my body was starting to break down and my mind was starting to behave strangely. I had become so accustomed to feeling crappy - an achy body and racing mind became my new normal. I wasn’t great. I was suffering. I spent more time in airplanes and hotels than I did at home. I loved my job, but HOW I was working was starting to take a toll on my health. Back pain became debilitating and I had days where I couldn’t walk without severe pain. My anxie

A Note From Nicole: My Stress Story

Before launching Unfold in 2014 with my partner Katie, I worked long hours as an attorney. I remember many days where I didn’t leave my office for lunch. I had granola bars stuffed in my desk to keep me working. I remember trying to schedule time to get to the yoga studio, but I would often have to skip out due to working late or just being too wiped out after work to muster up the energy to get there. Life became a cycle of sleep, commute, work, commute, sleep. Then the stress migraines happened. I had never had migraines before, nor any major headaches to speak of. One day as I was walking to my office from the train I noticed my vision became blurry. I thought maybe I was just light heade

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