December 23, 2014

The holidays are upon us! End of the year deadlines combined with family parties and employee gift exchanges truly test our ability to stay focused at work. Unfold is thrilled to see more executives and professionals turning to meditation to help manage the stress of work life. In fact, former lawyer, Ben Turshen, is now a dedicated meditation instructor. We love this article from well + GOOD that discusses vedic meditation,...

December 9, 2014

Have you seen the TED talk by Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School, on posture and body language? There is a good chance you have - the video has over 22 million views. If not, it’s well worth it. You can view it at the TED website here. Also, see a write up about her in the New York Times here.


To quote; “Our bodies change our minds… and our minds change our behavior… and o...

November 24, 2014


"What makes meditation palatable to entrepreneurs and executives these days is that it is perceived as a tool to help increase productivity. A quiet mind more easily recognizes unexpected business opportunities and is poised to react more astutely."


A recent New York Times article reiterates what Unfold has known all along: meditation can help you become better at your job. "Meditation is more than peace of mind... it...

September 1, 2014

Other than being super successful businesses, what do Harpo Productions,, and The Harford Financial Group all have in common?  You guessed it: yoga and meditation. Check out the article here, and see a list of corporate executives who meditate! 



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