October 25, 2019

My late Grandpa Jack was born and raised on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the U.P.). He grew up on the northern part of the peninsula, in a tiny town called Mohawk, bordered by the beautiful Lake Superior. As a young boy he loved fishing, and he passed down his love for the sport to his three sons. Grandpa's cousin Fred and his wife, Katie (great name!), still live there happily. Annually, my family drives nine hours north...

April 2, 2015

Do you work in an office? Have you suffered from low back pain, wrist discomfort, shoulder tension, or headaches? Have you ever felt tired, stressed, or overwhelmed at work? Yoga can help! 


Unfold's first Workplace Wellness Workshop will be held at the beautiful yogaview yoga studio on April 25th. Click here for more info and to register. 


Research continues to show that a consistent yoga and meditation pr...

February 28, 2015

Exciting news! Unfold is hosting its very first event right here in Chicago. Please join us on March 20th for mingling, wine, snacks, and a short presentation by Katie and Nicole. We’ll be hanging out at the swanky offices of law firm Holland & Knight. If for nothing else, you’ll want to come to check out the stunning view!