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Unfold brings yoga, meditation, and mindfulness education to the workplace. Feel better, work better.
Desk + Chair Yoga

This accessible class caters to all working professionals by using office chairs, desks, or conference rooms to incorporate non-intimidating yoga poses and guided breathwork. This therapeutic approach focuses on relieving ailments common to the office worker such as neck / shoulder tension, low back discomfort, and wrist pain.  

Lunch + Learn Events

Lunch + Learn events include moderate movement and participation, but are gentle enough that participants can eat lunch as they learn. What is yoga? Why is it valuable at work? How do you incorporate these ancient practices into your busy life? Popular topics include: Mindfulness 101, Posture 101, Meditation for Stress Reduction, Meditation for Increased Productivity, and Women in the Workplace.

Meditate + Breathe

Meditation classes are usually done in a conference room on chairs. They typically start with very light stretching, a few breathing exercises, followed by a 20-minute guided meditation. Expect clear instruction, approachable techniques, and applicable strategies. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and make you happier.