Unfold Digital

Unfold Digital provides all the same benefits you’ve come to know from Unfold, but in a digital format. Join us online for FREE accessible office yoga + meditation classes, right at your desk! 

What is it?
  • Unfold Digital is a FREE virtual series of 20-minute chair yoga + meditation classes.

  • Classes are designed to support the physical and emotional wellness of office workers, all without having to leave their desks or change their clothes. 

When are classes? 
  • Tuesdays + Thursdays from 1:30-1:50pm CST.

Why should you join? 
  • Office friendly yoga + mindfulness classes are simple and effective ways to reduce physical tension, lower
    anxiety, and increase energy. 

  • It’s great for busy professionals who sit a lot and classes address common discomforts of office workers such as low back pain, neck / shoulder tightness, fatigue, and wrist discomfort. 

How do I register? 
  • Register for classes HERE.

  • You'll receive a registration confirmation via email and reminders to join classes. 

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Donate to Unfold Digital

We have been so happy to provide free movement + meditation classes to you. If you have been enjoying them and if you're able, please consider making a donation. We truly appreciate your support in keeping our small business afloat. 

Here are a few sample classes. Enjoy!



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