Corporate Yoga + Meditation Classes

Choose from our three class options:

All classes can be online or on-site at your office. Our job is to make yoga work for you and your company. We are business professionals, well versed in corporate environments, and create simple solutions to logistical challenges such as clothing, space, and equipment. 


  • Can't get sweaty? We'll move slowly, but effectively.

  • Can't change out of your suit or dress? No problem! Come as you are. 

  • Don't have space to roll out yoga mats? We'll use chairs.

  • Short on time? We get it. We'll get you back to your desk, ready to work!

  • Please inquire for rates and availability.

choice 1

Desk + Chair

Desk + Chair classes utilize office chairs, tables, and/or desks as props to practice non-intimidating yoga poses. It relieves ailments common to the office worker such as wrist strain, neck / shoulder tension, and chronic stress. Expect gentle poses that provide surprisingly great results.

  • Length: 30 - 45 minutes

  • Equipment: Chairs, desks, tables, or conference room

  • Clothing: No change of clothing

  • Location: Online or on-site at your office

choice 2

Meditate + Breathe

Meditate + Breathe classes usually take place in a conference room. Class starts with very light stretching, a few breathing exercises, followed by a 20-minute guided meditation. Expect techniques that meet your office where they are - from novices to experts.


  • Length: 30 minutes

  • Equipment: Chairs

  • Clothing: No change of clothing

  • Location: Online or on-site at your office

choice 3

Move + Flow

Move + Flow classes bring a traditional yoga studio to the workplace. Vinyasa style yoga delivers a dynamic experience, challenging your muscles as well as calming your mind. Expect a variety of poses, intelligently linked together by movement and breath for an active class.

  • Length: 45 - 60  minutes

  • Equipment: Yoga mat

  • Clothing: Athletic clothing 

  • Location: Online or on-site at your office