Healthy Posture Presentation Series

Sitting all day takes a toll on your spine. Do you want to improve your posture and feel better while working? Our 4-Part Healthy Posture Program is a great way to learn how to create and sustain a healthy spine through the practice of chair yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Feel better, work better!


This program will teach you the skills you need to feel your best, resulting in a more productive work day. No change of clothes or yoga equipment is needed. No prior yoga experience is necessary in order to participate.



Training Overview:
  • Four, 60-minute in-office interactive presentations that focus on creating and sustaining healthy posture

  • Short discussion and research support of the day’s lesson including anatomy, physiology, and posture tips

  • Demonstration and practice of yoga, breathing, and mindfulness techniques


Materials + Support:
  • Manual and weekly handouts describing each technique, tips, and reminders on how to do each yoga pose practiced

  • Desk + chair yoga cheat sheets to keep at your desk

  • Strategy + implementation worksheets

  • Free access to our client portal including online desk + chair yoga video library, presentation materials, and handouts


Details + Logistics: 
  • Location: events can be on-site at your office, or done remotely via webinar. 

  • Length: 60 minutes

  • Equipment: no change of clothing or yoga mats / props needed. 

Live Webinar Option + Benefits: 
  • We can reach every member of your team no matter where they are. The program is available both on-site in your office and via live webinar.

  • This is a great way to include remote offices, traveling employees, and work-from-home participants. 

  • Presentations can be recorded and shared with employees who where not able to attend the live session.

Rates + Scheduling:
Curriculum Overview: 

Presentation 1:

 Align Your Spine: Posture 101

  • Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

  • Learn to sit well by aligning the spine, head, hips, and legs.

  • Discover how your spine moves and stays healthy. 


Presentation 2:​

Posture Clinic: Beyond Your Spine

  • Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

  • Class involves Desk + Chair yoga poses that help to stretch and strengthen key muscles so you can sit and move with proper alignment.

  • Learn to align your spine with your extremities and find balance. 


Presentation 3:

Posture Clinic: Core Connection

  • Cultivate awareness of the breath.

  • Discover the relationship between breathing + core stability.

  • Class involves yoga poses and breathing techniques that help to stabilize your core without creating tension in the body.


Presentation 4:

Creating Habits + Sustainable Change

  • Become aware of your own posture pitfalls and old habits.

  • Create and sustain new healthy posture habits through mindfulness.

  • Implement new strategies to make your desk and chair work for you.

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