Learn To Meditate

Meditation changes your brain for the better.

Participants will learn what meditation is, how to do it, and how to cultivate a practice that will last a lifetime. This comprehensive series will teach the skills needed to manage stress better, resulting in a calmer, more productive, and more creative work day. All techniques are appropriate for the office space. No prior meditation experience necessary. 

Training Overview:
  • Series includes three 60-minute presentations

    • ​Meditation for Beginners

    • Mindfulness Meditation

    • Cultivating a Practice

Materials + Support:
  • Digital handouts to support each lesson 

  • Three pre-recorded meditations to compliment each lesson

  • Access to Unfold Digital

Details + Logistics:
  • Location: your office or via webinar

  • Length: 60 minutes / presentation

  • Equipment: chairs for participants, screen / projector

  • Clothing: no change of clothing

Live Webinar Option + Benefits: 
  • We can reach every member of your team no matter where they are. The program is available both on-site in your office and via live webinar.

    This is a great way to include remote offices, traveling employees, and work-from-home participants. 

  • Lessons can be recorded and shared with employees who where not able to attend the live session.

Rates + Scheduling:





Seminar 1:

Meditation for Beginners

How do you clear your mind? How do you stop your racing thoughts? How do you know if you’re doing it “right”? This presentation is created for people who want to start with the basics of what meditation is, why it is helpful, and how to start practicing it. 


Seminar 2 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a specific meditation technique that trains practitioners to “place the mind”. Learn what mindfulness is and why it matters, practices to incorporate mindfulness into your personal and professional life, and how mindfulness eases stress and mental overload.


Seminar 3: 

Cultivating a Practice

Meditation works best when done consistently. Carving out the time and space to practice is an art in and of itself. Motivation, discipline, and dedication go hand-in-hand. Practitioners will learn to connect with WHY they want to meditate in order to stay inspired to practice.