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Women Work + Wellbeing

In honor of International Women's Month, check out our Women, Work + Wellbeing Presentation!  

Women's groups are a wonderful way to connect and support female employees. If your company currently has a women's group, this presentation is a great way to bring women together to discuss issues relevant to their workplace wellbeing. If you don't have one, this presentation is a great way to gauge interest and start! In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • How connection and social interaction with other women is scientifically proven to improve your health and wellbeing. 

  • Why mindfulness, self awareness, and work/life balance are skills that need to be practiced.

  • Why self-care is a non-negotiable if you want to do great work and be your best self.

  • How mental overload and overwhelm can be managed through yoga, breathing, and meditation practices.

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Haven't hired us for a presentation yet? Let's set up a time to chat! Most clients start with Mindfulness 101 topic, but the choice is yours!

Lunch + Learns cater to the busy schedules of professionals by bringing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness education to employees during their lunch hour.


Lunch + Learn events include moderate movement and participation, but are gentle enough that participants can eat lunch as they learn. What is yoga? Why is it valuable at work? How do you incorporate these ancient practices into your busy life? Let us show you how with a Lunch + Learn event! 

Lunch + Learn Presentations

Popular Lunch + Learn Topics: 
  • Mindfulness 101

  • Posture 101

  • Meditation for Stress + Anxiety Reduction

  • Meditation for Increased Productivity + Focus

  • Women, Work, + Wellness

  • Mindful Eating

  • Chair Yoga for the Office Worker

  • Gratitude Meditation for Happiness + Wellbeing

  • Cultivating Kindness

  • Yoga + Meditation for Better Sleep 

  • Meditation for Attorneys: Workplace Stress + Anxiety (**Approved for 1-hour MCLE Mental Health / Substance Abuse requirement**)

What you get: 
  • Interactive PowerPoint presentation delivered to your group on a topic of your choice

  • Gentle moving, breathing, and meditation demonstrations

  • Strategies on how to create new habits and implement new practices into your work day and daily life

  • Informative hand-outs and take-aways

  • Collective discussion and engagement

  • Question and answer session


Details + Logistics: 
  • Location: events can be on-site at your office, or done remotely via webinar. 

  • Length: events usually range from 45 – 60 minutes.

  • Equipment: no change of clothing or yoga mats / props needed. 

  • Events don’t need to be limited to the lunch hour! We’re happy to speak over breakfast or even happy hour if that works for your group. 

Live Webinar Option + Benefits: 
  • We can reach every member of your team no matter where they are. The program is available both on-site in your office and via live webinar.

  • This is a great way to include remote offices, traveling employees, and work-from-home participants. 

  • Presentations can be recorded and shared with employees who were not able to attend the live session.

Rates + Scheduling:
"Yoga is wisdom in work or skillful living amongst activities, harmony and moderation."


- B.K.S. Iyengar

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