Are your employees feeling exhausted, 
stressed, or under appreciated? 


Do anxiety and mental overload prevent your team from staying engaged at the office? Has the day-to-day grind of corporate life left workers feeling sedentary and stiff? Are back pain, wrist discomfort, or mental health issues causing employees to be less productive or miss work?


We have a turnkey solution to efficiently address these workplace challenges WITHOUT employees having to leave the office, change clothes, or buy fancy equipment. We know how to engage your team members in wellness activities, which will improve company morale AND improve your bottom line. Interested?


Introducing The Posture Tune-Up Program!


The Posture Tune-Up Program is a 4-week online series that teaches office-friendly chair yoga, breathing practices, and meditation techniques designed to increase employees' physical and mental health.


Why a posture tune-up? Poor posture not only leads to physical pain, poor breathing patterns, and low energy, but also impacts a person's state of mind. This mind-body series not only addresses physical postural pitfalls such as slouching, back pain, and neck tension, but also addresses mental and emotional "posture" such as confidence, gratitude, and self awareness.  


Ever feel the need to DO IT ALL?


Sometimes it feels like there are simply not enough hours in the day. Because of that, physical and emotional wellbeing are put on the back burner. Our bodies and minds pay a hefty price: we find ourselves overworked, achy, and uninspired. The path to mind-body health and work-life balance begins to feel less and less attainable.


It's time to Unfold a new approach
to workplace wellness.


Unfold’s founders have decades of experience in corporate America. We know first-hand how stressful and demanding work can be. Unfold was created because we know that yoga and meditation helped us to be happier, healthier, and BETTER AT OUR JOBS. We relied on this experience to create the Posture Tune-Up Program to support the needs of busy modern day professionals, just like you. 

Imagine a more productive workforce.


A healthy employee is a productive employee. Increase productivity by ensuring your workers have: 

  • Fewer aches and pains in their back, neck, and shoulders.

  • Less anxiety and the ability to remain calm in the face of stress.

  • Increased confidence and energy.

  • Smiling faces, excited to dig into your next project. 

  • A sense of gratitude for themselves, their peers, and their work. 


The Posture Tune-Up Program Overview:


The Posture Tune-Up Program is a 4-week online series accessible to anyone in your company who wants to register. Employees can watch classes anytime, anywhere - together in a conference room or at their own pace at their desks. 


Each week addresses a new "posture pitfall" in a series of three videos: 

  • 20-minute interactive Posture Pitfall presentation  

  • 20-minute Desk + Chair Yoga class to address physical posture

  • 10-minute Meditate + Breathe class to address mental and emotional posture


Program also Includes:

  • Digital handouts with an overview of each lesson 

  • Unlimited access to all recordings for the duration of your program

  • Posture Pitfall Solutions Checklist 

  • Office Chair and Standing Desk Ergonomics Checklist 



Wellness practices work best when done consistently. These bonus resources will help you to get into a regular workplace wellness groove. After completing the Posture Tune-Up Program, employees will have access to:

  • Movement + Meditation Class Library: over 30 recorded classes

  • Automatic registration for Unfold Digital: free, online, monthly 20-minute movement + meditation classes

  • 10% off your next program with Unfold



How much does it cost? 


Up to 20 participants: 

  • $1,100* for the entire 4-week program 

Over 20 participants:

  • $1,100* for the entire 4-week program

  • $20 / person for every participant over 20

Example: 50 participants

  • $1,100 base rate +

  • 30 additional participants x $20 =

  • $1,700 total

*Pre-order beta discount:

  • 15% off total cost

  • Offer ends Nov. 15th 2019

Make your bottom line healthy, too. 


If your employees aren't at work, your company suffers. Back pain and mental health challenges cause people to miss work, impacting your bottom line. Back pain is the single leading cause of missed work globally and over 80% of Americans will experience it at some point in their lives*. Additionally, full-time employees in the United States suffering from depression take off almost two times the amount of work, compared to those without depression**.


A Forbes article found that U.S. workforce illness, including sick days and worker's compensation, costs $576 billion annually***! It's no secret that healthier workers reduce healthcare costs. Make the health of your employees a priority and see what yoga can do for you and your business. 



Do participants need to have prior yoga or meditation experience to participate? 

Nope. No experience, special equipment, or change of clothing needed. Classes are appropriate for complete beginners, yet unique enough to maintain the attention of seasoned practitioners. 


How does registration work?  
The registration process is simple! Unfold sends you a registration link and you send it out to anyone in your company who is interested in the program. Registration will be open until the day before your program start date. After registration closes, Unfold will send you a total count and you will be billed accordingly. You only pay for people who registered. 


How does billing work?
You will be billed the base rate of $1,100, which is to be paid prior to the start date of your program. If you have more than 20 participants register, you will receive a second invoice after your start date.

How do employees receive the weekly video content? 

Registered participants will automatically receive a weekly email with links to watch each video. Classes can be watched on a desktop, laptop, or on any mobile device. 


When does the program start? What day of the week do we receive our new content?

You can start at any time. We can set up your schedule to make sense for your office. Maybe you want to receive your weekly email on Monday to get people excited about coming back to work, or perhaps it's on a Friday as a fun way to wrap up the week. Your choice!


Does the program need to be weekly? Can it be biweekly or monthly? 

The schedule can be customized to your group. Please inquire. 


What if employees are on vacation during part of the program?

We understand that conflicts may arise. If a week of content is missed, employees can watch it when they come back to the office, or they can just skip it and move on to the next week. They won't be lost if they miss a week, but we encourage them to go back and watch it if they can!


I have multiple offices within my company or international offices. Can everyone join? 

Yes. The beauty of online classes is the ability for everyone to join in on the fun!


Do you offer employee funded or subsidized rates?

Yes. If you want your employees to pitch in for the cost of this program, they may contribute to all or some of the cost. Many of our clients do this with excellent results and we know how to make it easy. Please inquire for details.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Please inquire for more details. 



What are people saying about Unfold? 

"I had the privilege of bringing the Healthy Posture Program put on by Unfold Yoga + Wellness into my company. Let me tell you, I am beyond thrilled I did!! First off, Katie and Nicole are some of the kindest women I've met. They are extremely upbeat and understanding, which made all of our employees feel welcomed at each session. They had a wealth of knowledge on the spine, educating each employee that came to the sessions and even those who did not with their handouts. For me, personally, I benefited so highly from this program. I was able to not only learn why it's so important to take care of my posture, but also have some takeaways from the class that I can use in everyday life. Katie made everything so simple and took her time to make sure we all understood each lesson every time we met. Now, because of this class, I find myself doing a body scan wherever I am, stretching at my desk (cactus is my favorite) and not judging my posture-but being mindful of it. 


If you are looking for a program that not only you, but your employees will appreciate and enjoy-PLEASE make sure to use this course!" 


- Jackie K., Human Resources Coordinator, DocuSign


"My colleagues and I loved our session with Unfold! Clearly a lot of preparation and thought went into the presentation, and Katie facilitated a thoughtful and honest discussion. The tips she gave were incredibly practical and I've already used them to help me through stressful situations at work. I appreciate that Katie shared her personal story to give us some perspective, and tied all of the recommended practices to scientific evidence that it works. Unfold offered tremendous value for us in just one hour. I recommend Unfold to all companies interested in their employees' wellness!"


- Lana G., Director Marketing + Communications, Unitas Global


"Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and speak to us today! The ladies greatly enjoyed the session and had some very important takeaways to promote mindfulness and wellbeing, especially in the workplace. We had fantastic feedback and you did a fabulous job of presenting! I loved the humor, science, simplicity but powerful messaging in the slides and personally, it makes me think about how I operate day-to-day and what changes I can make to reduce stress in my life."


- Minal K., Global Rates & Currencies, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


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