Innovative Approaches to Workplace Wellness:

What will you Unfold?

I proudly serve as the CEO of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide. Even before I started practicing yoga Blue Chip made a clearly articulated pledge to all of our stakeholders. We call it “The Promise of Uniting.” It embodies a philosophy that none of us alone is as good as all of us together. It recognizes that a culture that unites the best of heart and mind will achieve remarkable results. Little did I know that many consider the definition of yoga to come from the Sanskrit root “yuj,” meaning to unite, or the practice of uniting body, mind and spirit. 


After two decades as a trader, Ford credits his serenity to experience -- and to the 20 minutes he spends in his pajamas each morning repeating a meaningless mantra bestowed on him by a teacher of Transcendental Meditation two years ago.

“I react to volatile markets much more calmly now,” Ford, 48, says. “I have more patience.” He also has more money. Latigo Partners LP, his event-driven credit fund, climbed 24 percent last year. 

CEOs have stressful jobs, and some have taken to intense hobbies to find solace from the daily grind. Some practice meditation—or even Transcendental Meditation, a mantra-based technique derived about 50 years ago from ancient Indian practices.


We've compiled a list of leaders who say that meditating gives them an edge in the competitive business world. Some have even built it into their company's culture.

New York Times: 
Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain...

A number of innovative companies have instituted programs designed to enhance the bottom line. Research shows that perks such as onsite gyms, stress management classes, and mindfulness training produce vibrant workplaces and thriving employees. Forward-looking law schools have created wellness programs designed to relieve law student stress and improve well-being. This article explains the neurobiological reasons these programs enhance employee performance and improve student achievement.

Take a short break at the office to relieve stress and stiffness that can build up from sitting at a desk all day, especially if you’re dealing with work tensions or poor ergonomics. Here are simple exercises to release tension, create space in the body with the breath, and feel grounded. You’ll also hear a couple of great suggestions for sitting more comfortably.

Do you ever find yourself squinting and rubbing your eyes after a long stretch in front of a computer? If so, you’re not alone. Average adult Americans now spend more than eight hours a day staring at screens of one sort or another. And this growth in “screen time” has brought an increase in adults suffering from blurred vision, itchy and watery eyes, headaches, double vision, and other symptoms of eye strain.

Meditating can have an almost instant effect on reducing stress, researchers have found. They say three consecutive days of 25 minute sessions can have a dramatic effect.'More and more people report using meditation practices for stress reduction, but we know very little about how much you need to do for stress reduction and health benefits,' said lead author J. David Creswell, associate professor of psychology in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Looks like your mother was right when she told you to sit up straight. There's growing evidence that good posture contributes to a range of health benefits, from reducing back and joint pain to boosting mood. Health-care practitioners from physical therapists to surgeons to psychologists increasingly take posture into account when evaluating patients, and offer tips and tools for improvement. 


Yoga has become such an important part of my life that I even started a little yoga-related side venture that's looking promising.  No, you're not in the wrong section of the CBS site; This is a business column, I promise.Yoga is big on teaching, learning, awareness and introspection: Whether it involves emotions and attitudes, relationships, health and well-being, or even life's big questions, there are good lessons and life/business skills to be learned. Here are what I consider to be the five big ones:


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