Happy Spring, Happy Spine

Springtime is all about renewal and regrowth. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and trees are blooming! Just like a tree grows tall and strong from the ground up, learning to sit and stand with healthy posture requires a solid base and a strong spine. When you feel better, you work better.

These reflections on spring have inspired us to create our newest offerings. Our 4-Week Healthy Posture Program, tree visualization mini-meditation, and our pose of the month.

We're focusing on creating a strong solid base, so that when we sit (or stand) to work, we can be our most productive and pain-free. Here's a quick guide as to how you can best personify springtime to help you feel and work better!

  1. Embrace change. Spring is all about clearing away the cold winter frost so that new life can emerge. As the seasons change, so do our bodies. Instead of getting down about our aging joints and muscles, we can embrace the change and start to move in ways that facilitate aging with strength and grace. A good place to start is with your daily posture. Begin to notice your tendencies. Do you always sit leaning to one side, or slouched forward? Your body