A Note From Nicole: My Stress Story

Before launching Unfold in 2014 with my partner Katie, I worked long hours as an attorney. I remember many days where I didn’t leave my office for lunch. I had granola bars stuffed in my desk to keep me working.

I remember trying to schedule time to get to the yoga studio, but I would often have to skip out due to working late or just being too wiped out after work to muster up the energy to get there.

Life became a cycle of sleep, commute, work, commute, sleep.

Then the stress migraines happened.

I had never had migraines before, nor any major headaches to speak of. One day as I was walking to my office from the train I noticed my vision became blurry. I thought maybe I was just light headed and could recover once I sat down at my desk.

I got to my office, sat down and powered up my computer as usual. My vision became so blurred that I could not read the emails on my screen. I called my eye doctor immediately and was able to get an appointment the next day. I was forced to go home early and rest. By the time I got home the headache portion of the migraine had started. All I could do was turn off all the lights and lie down.

After a few hours the pain subsided but I felt like I was living in a cloud.

After confirming that there was, in fact, nothing wrong with my eyes or brain, my ophthalmologist determined that I had had an optical migraine brought on by stress. The only way to reduce or eliminate the migraines is to reduce stress.