Workplace Sound Meditation

A one-of-a-kind corporate sound meditation experience.

Sound meditation is a technique in which participants simply listen to a variety of relaxing sounds to deepen their meditative state. Participants sit in a chair near the instruments, close their eyes, and enjoy the vibrations. Taking part in a sound meditation experience requires no skills, abilities, or beliefs. Instruments include soothing crystal bowls, chimes, and a gong.


Why does sound meditation reduce stress?

Everything is vibrating all of the time. When our cells are vibrating in harmony with each other we are calm, clear headed, focused, peaceful, and healthy. When our body is vibrating in dis-harmony we feel anxious, short-tempered, scattered, and restless. Sound Meditation gently guides the mind-body back into a state of harmony.


How does this work in an office?

Conference rooms or lunch rooms work well. Our sound meditation guides are mobile, quick to set up, clean up, and can adjust the volume of their instruments to be effective, yet respectful of any office environment.

Details + Logistics: 
  • Location: on-site at your office anywhere that has chairs.

  • Length: classes usually range from 30-45 minutes.

  • Equipment: sound meditation instruments are brought in and set up in less than 5 minutes! 

Rates + Scheduling:
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