Mini Corporate Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in teaching corporate yoga? We're excited to be offering a Mini Corporate Yoga Teacher Training this Fall!

Training Overview: 


  • How to teach Unfold's two signature in-office classes: Desk + Chair and Meditate + Breathe. These are very popular classes amongst our clients and this training will give you the skills you need to teach them with confidence! 

  • How to manage common office yoga challenges such as noise, space, lighting, and business clothing.

  • Appropriate use of language, employee privacy (HIPAA), and cueing considerations in a corporate space.

  • How to use a variety of office furniture to create a safe and effective chair yoga class.

  • Sequencing considerations for chair yoga and office meditation.

  • How to connect with students in the corporate space to keep them coming back!

Training Details: 

  • Date: Sunday September 23rd

  • Time: 10am - 3pm 

  • Cost: $200 (includes manual)

  • Location: We'll be hosting this training in a corporate office, not a yoga studio! The exact location is TBD based on the number of participants, but it will be in downtown Chicago. 

  • Clothing: We'll ask that you DON'T wear yoga clothes, but rather business casual clothing.


Please sign-up via the link below, or contact us with questions. Payment plans are available if needed. 

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Desk + Chair

This accessible class caters to all working professionals by using office chairs, desks, or conference rooms to incorporate non-intimidating yoga poses and guided breathwork. This therapeutic approach focuses on relieving ailments common to the office worker such as wrist strain, neck / shoulder tension, and low back discomfort. 

Meditate + Breathe

Meditation classes are usually done in a conference room on chairs. They typically start with very light stretching, a few breathing exercises, followed by a 20-minute guided meditation. Expect clear instruction, approachable techniques, and applicable strategies. ​