Office Yoga Teacher Training:

Meditation Recording Samples

Gratitude Meditation:

In this Gratitude Meditation, you will allow your mind to wander, using your own intuition to settle on one or two things you feel grateful for. You may wish to have a journal or notebook handy to write down your findings at the end of the meditation, thus starting your gratitude journal. For more info, see our blog post here.

Gratitude Meditaiton - Unfold

Gratitude Meditation #2:

This Gratitude Meditation will expand on the previous meditation. You can choose to do them in the same sitting, or each on their own. This meditation will guide you to identify things you feel grateful for and it will illuminate how you feel as we enter this holiday season. Identify the stressors, and allow them to melt away. 

Gratitude 2 - Unfold

Kindness Meditation:

Kindness is an active expression of care, concern, warmth, and generosity that asks for nothing in return. In this mini-meditation you will learn to replace self-judgment with kindness. When you feel this kindness in your own body, it will naturally start to extend to others. Commit to being kind!

Kindness Meditation - Unfold

Winter Visualization:

Become one with winter. Tap into the innate qualities of the season though this guided visualization. Winter brings cool, calm, dark, and quiet spaces into the world. Find ease and peace by letting go and embracing your surroundings.

Winter Visualization - Unfold

Summer Sunshine Meditation:

Sun is the source of life; when we take time to soak up its rays, our bodies and minds are energized, uplifted, and nourished. Give yourself a three-minute self care break and meditate. 

Summer Sunshine Meditation - Unfold

Tree Visualization: 

Spring is in the air! Take a break from your hectic life to visualize a strong, sturdy, beautiful tree. Visualizations allow your mind to focus on one thing, in this case a tree, so that you can allow your thoughts and outside distractions to fade away. Try it and see how you feel observing a part of nature in your mind's eye!

Tree Visualization - Unfold

Metta Meditation: 

Metta means “loving-kindness”. A loving-kindness meditation offers heartfelt wishes of wellbeing and gratitude to yourself and others. It guides us to cultivate empathy and accept the human experience an open heart. Metta meditation helps us to become friends with the full spectrum of humanity and life experience, without judgment.

Loving-Kindness Meditation - Unfold