Do they have stress management tools at their fingertips?

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are challenged to provide wellness resources to both remote and on-site workers. These uncertain times are stressful. 

Stress causes people not only to miss work, but also miss out on living a joyful and connected life. Back pain is the single leading cause of missed work globally and over 80% of Americans will experience it at some point.


Are you looking for a turnkey workplace wellness program to keep your employees happy and healthy?

How are your employees doing?
Do they feel supported in their wellbeing? 

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The Evolution

Unfold Digital started back in 2018 as a free monthly online class offering. In March, as the global pandemic took hold, we knew our clients needed additional support. 

We increased Unfold Digital from once a month to twice a week - free of charge. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to these classes. Registration skyrocketed and students joined from all over the world. It brings us so much joy to serve you!

Companies asked for a turnkey system to get more employees engaged, more frequent classes, and access to recordings. We agree! 


We created Unfold Digital PLUS to answer the call.


We invested in new technology, trained new teachers, and developed more robust programming to better support your employees. 


Unfold Digital PLUS - for companies!

Unfold Digital PLUS is an online membership program for your entire office. It is designed to support the physical + mental wellness of office workers through quick 20-minute chair yoga classes and stress reduction techniques, right at their desks.

It's great for busy professionals who sit behind a computer and need a midday refresh, WITHOUT having to leave their desk or change their clothes. 

Classes are structured to be a reset button for your body and mind. They address common discomforts of office workers such as low back pain, neck / shoulder tightness, anxiety, and fatigue.

Employees can join classes from anywhere - whether they are working from home or at the office. 

Our Inspiration

Unfold’s founders, Katie + Nicole, have decades of experience in corporate America. Our struggle to stay healthy, despite crazy schedules + demanding workloads, inspired us to create an efficient yoga program that could be practiced right at our desks. 
Nicole was an attorney.
Long hours, demanding workloads, and high stress levels eventually took their toll. Balancing work while caring for her two (adorable!) kids was a tall order. Nicole suffered chronic migraines and insomnia, both of which improved drastically after committing to her yoga and meditation practice. 
Katie was in marketing and was spending more time in airplanes and hotels than she was at home.
Constant travel and demanding deadlines made getting to regular yoga class difficult. Back pain became debilitating and her anxiety spiraled, both of which are now managed through a consistent yoga and meditation practice. 


We know first-hand how stressful and demanding work can be. We relied on this experience to create Unfold Digital PLUS to support the needs of busy modern-day professionals, just like you. 

This is work life balance in action. 

Our Approach

Through our experience teaching workplace wellness, we've found:

Scheduling and planning events can be a logistical struggle for companies.
Unfold Digital PLUS is truly turnkey. The schedule is set and content is automatically pushed to members. Employees can join from anywhere, on any device. 

Stale content won't keep employees engaged or build new habits.

Each class is totally new. We live stream our classes and encourage members to schedule them into their work calendar like any other meeting. As habit expert Gretchen Rubin says,“Something that can be done at any time is often done at no time.”  

Simplicity is key.

Classes are quick enough to be consistently integrated into the work day, yet effective enough to create a positive mind-body shift. Our classes are short, sweet, and sure to bring a good vibes to your office! 

Uplift your team's mood.

When employees feel better, they work better. 

Unfold Digital PLUS - for companies - will lead to: 
  • Fewer aches and pains in the back, neck, and shoulders.

  • Less anxiety and the ability to remain calm in the face of stress.

  • Improved confidence, energy levels, and mood. 

  • Increased productivity and focus. 

  • A sense of gratitude.

  • A simple approach to mind-body wellness that is actually doable, longterm. 

What employees get: 
  • Three new 30-minute live streamed classes per week - content is always new.

  • Classes are held at 1:30pm CT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Access to all class recordings. 

  • Access to our 45-minute Move + Flow Vinyasa class library. 

  • Monthly wellness webinar on topics including posture, mindfulness, and productivity. 

  • Bonus: Instant access to 40-minute Posture 101 Workshop.


Worry free commitment: 
  • Cancel at any time, no questions asked. 

  • Billed monthly through secure payment portal. 

  • Only pay for those who register. 

  • Add or remove new members at any time. 


Employees receive instant access to our Posture 101 Workshop.

Many come to Unfold Digital PLUS with no prior yoga experience, chronic pain, or just are plain intimidated to start something new. What is yoga, anyway! Our Posture 101 Workshop is one of our most popular requests. It covers all the basics to get your team started on their wellness journey with confidence.

In this 40-minute bonus workshop, employees will learn: 

  • Key chair yoga postural principles to enhance your practice. 

  • How to breathe properly to calm your nervous system.

  • General mindfulness concepts you can implement right now.

  • Posture pitfalls and how to correct them.

Membership Details:

Unfold Digital PLUS offers three live streamed 20-minute classes each week. 
  • All classes are a mix of mindful movement, breathing techniques, and meditation. 

  • We live stream our classes and encourage members to schedule them into their work calendar like any other meeting. 

  • Every class is new and you’ll be exposed to a variety of techniques to keep you coming back week after week. 

  • If you can't make a live class, no problem. Members receive unlimited access to all class recordings. 

Membership Includes
  • Three 30-minute live streamed classes / week.

  • Classes are held at 1:30pm CT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Unlimited access to all class recordings. 

  • Access to our 45-minute Move + Flow Vinyasa Yoga class library. 

  • Monthly wellness webinar on topics including mindfulness, posture, and productivity. 

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How much? 

Group Launch Discount: $20 / person / month.


Do employees need to have prior yoga or meditation experience to participate? 
No. Classes are appropriate for complete beginners, yet unique enough to maintain the attention of seasoned practitioners.
Do employees need to change clothes or have special equipment? 
No. Classes are doable in any clothing. All they need is a chair - any chair will work. 
Can my company add / remove members each month?
Yes. You are billed monthly based on how many employees become members.
Is this company funded or employee funded?
Company funded. 
How do employees join live classes and access recordings? 
They log into their member portal.
Why live streamed classes? 
Scheduling a live class into one's day at the same time each week helps to build a routine. 
How are live classes streamed? 
We use zoom for all of our live classes. 
Does live streaming work on any device? 
Yes - desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 
What if employees miss a class? 
Members receive unlimited access to all class recordings. 
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I just wanted to tell you how amazing you both are. I was not into yoga, I am sure you hear that a lot. I have always wanted to bring more self care to my staff. This is such a perfect answer. Thank you!


- Jennifer R.


I’m really enjoying the yoga and stretching sessions. It helps to clear my mind and a big relief from sitting in front of a computer all day. The sessions made me realize how inflexible and rigid my body is and I should do more stretching. Thank you. 

- Anthony Y.

I really needed this relaxing workout. All refreshed to go back to my work. :) 


- Karen E

First off, Katie and Nicole are some of the kindest women I've met. Now, because of this class, I find myself doing a body scan wherever I am, stretching at my desk (cactus is my favorite) and not judging my posture-but being mindful of it. 


- Jackie K.​

I want to share my gratitude for the 20-minute classes. I absolutely love them. It’s a nice break in the day being an early morning riser and the stretches are working those pain areas. Thank you both. 


- Kari D.


Thank you again for holding the space to connect and spread mindfulness, calm, and peace to so many who need it these days – I deeply value and appreciate this time together. It breaks me out of my work routine & constant “doing.”


- Rema S. 

What are employees saying? 

We love our students!

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Sign-up your office now!

Group Launch Discount: $20 / person / month.
  • Three new 30-minute live streamed classes per week - content is always new.

  • Classes are held at 1:30pm CT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Unlimited access to all class recordings. 

  • Access to our 45-minute Move + Flow Vinyasa yoga class library. 

  • Monthly wellness webinars on topics including mindfulness, posture, and productivity.

  • Instant access to 40-minute Chair Yoga Primer Workshop

  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

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