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Online Membership Registration 

Unfold Digital


Commit to a consistent practice and feel great!


  • Three 20-minute live streamed classes per week.

  • Live classes held at 1:30pm CT on Mondays Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Access to all class recordings. 

  • Access to our 45-minute Desk + Chair and Move + Flow class library. 

  • Live group webinar each month with co-founders Katie + Nicole - bring your questions!

  • Discounts on special events and pop-up classes. 

  • September BONUS: Instant access to Gratitude Meditation workshop. 

$30 / Month

Price goes up to $45/month and bonus expires on Wednesday, September 30th 5pm CT!

Unfold Digital


Designed for companies to provide classes to employees.


  • Everything in Unfold Digital PLUS for your entire company.

  • Flat group rates, turnkey registration, and scalability. 

  • Only pay for those in your company who want to join. 

  • 10% discount on all Unfold Yoga + Wellness services. 

  • Customized packages and add-ons available. 

  • Early Bird BONUS: Instant access to Gratitude Meditation workshop to your entire office.


Bonus expires

Gratitude Meditation Workshop Bonus ($275 value) expires on Wednesday, September 30th 5pm CT!

Subscription auto renews each month. Cancel any time. Pop-up classes announced via email. ​Class dates / times are subject to change.