Virtual Wellbeing Box: De-Stress At Your Desk

A week of wellness has never been easier! 


What is it?  

Virtual Wellbeing Box is a self care bundle of wellness videos delivered to your employees' inbox. Participants receive one email every day of the week containing an office-friendly activity to help them feel better at work.

What do you get?   

  • Five activities in your inbox (sample on right):

    • Monday: Desk + Chair Yoga (45-min min video)

    • Tuesday: Low Back Love (10-min video)

    • Wednesday: Shoulder Softener (10-min video)

    • Thursday: Wrist Reset (10-min video)

    • Friday: Acupressure + Relaxation (10-min video)

  • Access to all videos for one month. 

How does registration work?  

  • We send you a registration link.

  • Anyone in your company can register.

  • Registrants are automatically enrolled to receive emails

  • Participants can access videos for 


How much? 

  • $500 flat

  • Unlimited participants

Preview of Daily
Wellness Emails
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acupressure for relaxation_corrected.jpg