Walking Meditation Classes 

Calm the mind through movement with a guided walking meditation class.  


Walking meditation uses movement as a tool to slow down, focus attention, and calm the mind... one step at a time. Walking meditation is proven to reduce anxiety, lower depression, and boost your immune system. Want a happier and healthier office?  Get 'em walking! 


This practice teaches how to incorporate mindfulness into daily living by bringing more awareness to the simple action of walking. Whether you’re walking to your car, walking up stairs, or walking over to the copier at your office, you can practice walking mindfully. 

Are we just walking around in circles?


No! Participants quickly learn that walking meditation is much more than just walking; it’s a meditation technique used to connect to the present moment through mindful movement. Participants can be outside in nature or inside their office building.


They can be walking the busy city streets or strolling along a walking path. We especially love practicing along the river walk, on roof tops, or even by the lake. Nicole wrote all about how she practices walking meditation in her blog post - check it out!

Details + Logistics: 
  • Location: walking meditation can be on-site at your office or done outside. We especially love practicing along the river walk, on roof tops, or even by the lake. 

  • Length: classes usually range from 30-60 minutes.

  • Equipment: comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

Rates + Scheduling:

15% off 


Nicole Discussing Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation Practice in Action!