Winter Inspired Wellness Offerings

Each changing season offers a fun + fresh perspective to workplace wellness! 


Winter is an excellent time to slow down, reflect, and reconnect to the joyful spirit of the holidays. We've created THREE seasonally inspired wellness offerings to keep your employees cheerful, stress free, and healthy as they transition from the brisk months of autumn into the festive (and often very busy) holiday season.

intention setting.png
Welcome 2019 with our Mindful New Year Presentation Series

This 4-part presentation series will provide you with strategies to make NEW New Year’s resolutions that last. Participants will learn how mindful intention setting not only creates sustainable change, but also cultivates happiness and ease. Presentation topics include: Intention Setting, Mindful Movement, Mindful Eating, and Creating Habits + Sustainable Change. You’ll learn and practice desk + chair yoga, meditations, and breathing techniques in each presentation that support each topic.

RING in the new year with Sound Meditation 

Sound meditation is practiced by sitting in a chair and listening to the soothing vibrations of live gongs and crystal singing bowls. It requires no experience, skills, abilities, or beliefs. Participants simply sit near the instruments and allow the produced vibrations to bring their body back into a state of harmony.​ Conference rooms or lunch rooms work great. Our sound meditation guides are mobile, quick to set up, clean up, and can adjust the volume of their instruments to be effective yet respectful of any office environment. 

Sip, Savor, + Slow Down with Wine Tasting Meditation 

Mindfulness can be practiced in ordinary everyday life experiences  - from washing the dishes, to driving your car, to tasting WINE! In this class you'll learn how to apply the basic principles of mindfulness to wine tasting. You'll sharpen your senses, slow down, and practice being in the moment. You provide the wine, we provide the mindfulness guidelines to sip, savor, and enjoy every last drop. Bottoms up!